Cole Slaw for the Boy Who Doesn’t Like Cole Slaw

There are people in this house who hate mayonnaise. I’m not one of them. I like it okay in a dry sandwich, not excessively in American potato salads, and have been known to grill a hamburger bun using mayo instead of butter. It spreads more evenly and doesn’t burn as quickly, okay? Don’t judge! I like a good diner-esque burger. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Perhaps I gross out my husband and child the most when I dip my fries in mayonnaise? But you know what? I don’t care. It’s good.

Anyway, one of the things about this being an anti-mayonnaise and anti-vinegar household (except for yours truly) is that there’s never any cole slaw around here.

“What?!” you may exclaim.

But the other night, I figured out how to make cole slaw without either mayonnaise or vinegar, and Lo, it was eaten. Voraciously.

See, we were having salmon tacos, and we needed a vegetable, and there was no cilantro in the house (sacrilege on a taco night, I know) and we had two small heads of red cabbage from our CSA box. Cole slaw made sense (because FISH) but no mayo and no vinegar were some logistical problems I had to work around.
Look at this beauty! Tell me it isn’t a pretty plant.

Just call me Iron Chef Jessica.

Here is the recipe for Cole Slaw for Boys Who Don’t Like Cole Slaw:

— 1/2 a red cabbage, mandolined

— toasted sesame oil, a T or two

— sriracha, to taste

— salt, to taste

— sugar, about a tsp

— lemon, to taste

— garlic powder, just a tiny bit

— fresh dill, finely chopped, a few stalks

Mix it all together. If you can do it an hour before eating, it looks prettier, because then all the purple from the cabbage gets brighter. No picture, sorry! It was too delicious, and it was all gone. Instead, here is a picture of red cabbages by Van Gogh:

Cabbages always make me think of Peter Rabbit and Mr MacGregor's garden-- but here's Van Gogh instead.
Cabbages always make me think of Peter Rabbit and Mr MacGregor’s garden– but here’s Van Gogh instead.



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