This Post Lists to One Side

It’s almost time for Lent, and although there are more years in a row when I don’t go to church than when I do go to church, I do like to give something up during Lent.

When I was younger, I always gave up some food or another. I mean, that’s the classic, isn’t it? There’s nothing wrong with that I suppose, but I already eat fairly mindfully. My mind is totally on that Christmas stollen I am in the process of polishing off! That’s mindful, right? What I mean to say is that except for a few foods that I simply cannot say no to if they are in the house (stollen, pan dulce, watermelon, apricots, candy corn) to give up a food would just be masochistic.

I kept this guy in the back of the pantry for just such an occasion. The occasion is February.
I kept this guy in the back of the pantry for just such an occasion. The occasion is February. I am eating it mindfully. Nothing to see here, and it will be gone long before Lent begins.

I suppose I could give up meat, but if I go too long without red meat I get very hungry and listless. I would probably be one of those vegetarians who doesn’t get their protein right. That, or it’s possible I’m the slightest bit anemic. It runs in my family, so maybe it’s not just a food preference thing! Also, when I was pregnant, all I craved was beef. Carne asada, steaks, hamburgers, cowcowcow. Yes, I’m sorry, I’d be an absolutely horrible vegetarian. I admire all those energetic people who go vegetarian and never turn back, who can watch those videos of the horrible things abbatoirs do to cattle and feel like they’re doing their part by not eating meat. Yay for them! But I’m the weak link.

I also suppose I could give up beer and wine. This suggestion gives me a pang, which means it could be the right thing to give up. I hope I don’t pick this one, because I really enjoy picking out wine and having a glass as I make dinner and listen to music.

A few years ago I gave up negative self-talk. That was a really good one. It was very difficult, and I learned a lot about myself and my psychological habits. I’ve slipped a bit in the past year, so maybe I could use a psychological tune-up. This is a contender, even if it is a repeat. I was rather hoping for something new.

Another contender is procrastination. Is it even possible to give up procrastination? I think I may have tried this last year and failed utterly. I may need to give myself some strict guidelines if I’m to go through with this. Geez. Would I be setting myself up for failure?

I could also set up Lent as my own personal NaNoWriMo. Forty days of writing consecutively on a large piece. Hm. I like this because it would involve setting aside negative self-talk, and it would also inhibit procrastination. Hm, hm, hm. Yes, the more I think about it, I like this idea quite a bit. LentMeWriMo. Don’t think too hard about that acronym.

By George, I think we have a winner! Thank you for letting me rattle on for a bit and muddle through.

As a thank you, here is what I’ve been listening to:


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