When Life Gives You Lemons… Make Preserved Lemons!

Last weekend, a gaggle of fast moving twerplettes thought it would be great fun to pick a bunch of lemons and throw them at each other. They also very kindly bagged them, so at least they were polite twerplettes.

Sure, I’ll be making some lemonade, and freezing some lemon juice in cubes, but I’ve always wanted to try Moroccan food, and all the recipes seem to call for preserved lemons. I’ve got a bunch of Kosher salt and a huge ex-kimchi jar–  so wish me luck!

Ooh, this means I have a month to find a practically priced tagine.

Look at all these lovely fellows! I have the feeling there are several cats at the edge of the photo, ready to hop in and curl up.

This is the video I’m referring to. I have watched it so many times. I put bowls out for my two cats (don’t judge!) but they are more interested in paper bags and annoying the dog.



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