Bits and Bobs

Anybody who’s taken a peek at my blog in the past couple of weeks would probably get the idea that I only post picture of my cat sitting on the kitchen table, or my kid playing in a mud puddle. Surprise! No. I was without a computer for a while, and the easiest way for me to post pictures was– for some reason– on WordPress, not on Twitter (which crashes when I try to upload pictures) or Facebook (which takes a few extra steps).

It was nice being unplugged (kind of unplugged, anyway) for a while. It was a little Lenten, but it wasn’t by choice, so it doesn’t count. And as for Lent, my whole thing has gone somewhere in a handbasket. Last year my Lent was a spectacular success. I gave up negative self-talk, and it really worked! This year, I thought I would do something similar. My idea was that I would put three things a day on my To Do list: something I had to do, something I wanted to do, and something I didn’t want to do. This idea worked for two whole days.

I suppose I could work harder at this, I really could. Maybe not save up all my self-therapy for the forty days before Easter? There’s an idea.

In other news– I have to write some sort of article. But what? I’m only good at talking or writing about books. Or I could write something about my kid– who just informed me she wanted pears and gnocchi for dinner. Maybe some kind of Op-Ed thingy, like the columns on HuffPo? I don’t think it has to be mind blowing, but I would like it to be interesting, at least (UNLIKE THIS POST). Hmph. As my poetry teacher would have said, I am just throwing the idea out there for the cat to sniff.

So, there it is. If you have any ideas, I would be grateful. My daughter thinks I should write about our cat, Thor. Her whole world revolves around that cat. If anything ever happens to him, I’m dead meat. Maybe I could write about our experience adopting our kitten, Ruby, from a no-kill shelter? She is curled up next to me on the kitchen table as I write this, catching the last little gleams of sunshine, her back leg and tail dangling perilously over the edge. She has the tendency to relax herself right off furniture, so I’m kind of waiting for that to happen.Image


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