My mom went to Fulton 55 for the first time to see Fierce Creatures.


I’m a proud kid. I’ll be honest– my mom has the power to annoy me more than any other person on the planet, and she also has the power to forgive me for being annoyed in the first place. But do you know why her going to a show makes me so proud?

A few years ago, she beat cancer. She got really, really sick, and it was a dark time for her and for our whole little family unit. She doesn’t talk about it, so that’s all I’m going to say about her illness. But!

Not only did she conquer her illness- she thrived in spite of it, almost as if she was going to show it who was really the boss. She picked up her guitar after years of letting it get dusty in a corner, and she started playing again. Then she started playing open mics. She sits in on gigs, plays with my father-in-law, goes to music festivals, and now goes to nightclubs for shows.

THAT is why I’m so proud to see her with her wrist stamped. From radiation tattoos to wrist stamps. Go, Mommala!


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