The First 16% of Gone Girl (and Gone Brownies)

Gone Girl is everywhere. I didn’t want to buy it, because I’m suspicious of runaway blockbusters, whether they are on the screen or on the page. Don’t confuse this with hipsterish if-it’s-popular-it’s-beneath-me ideals. Let’s face it– the Transformers franchise is reviled yet makes so much money that they propel themselves forward, even if it is into the gaping maw of Hell. The Wire was popular, and it really is insanely good. Popularity doesn’t ensure sucktitude or wonderfulness as a rule. However, have you seen the popular books lately? Have you heard of Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey? I rest my case!

Also, I’ve had a stack of Nesbø on my nightstand all summer, so I was chock full of mysteries to read. I did, however, have the foresight to put myself on a waiting list at the Fresno County Public Library so I could download the book. I had to wait behind nearly a hundred people! Yesterday it was my turn, and I started reading right away.

Maybe she’s gone, maybe she’s not. Who knows? Not me, not yet, so no spoilers please!

I’m only 16% in, so this isn’t so much a review as it is a progress report. There are probably no spoilers, since I haven’t got far enough for that.
Here are my thoughts so far– they aren’t complex thoughts. This is not about to turn into heavy reading! Ha!

–I like the multiperson narrative. Just when I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to listen to Nick’s writerly voice the whole entire time, up pops Amy’s voice, as a break.

–It’s a little disconcerting that they are both so incredibly good looking. After all, this is a mystery and I felt like I was getting set up a bit for a romance. Am I supposed to feel that way? I’d kind of almost rather Amy was not so good looking. Nick’s looks add to his smarminess. Why do they both have to be fantastic? But perhaps more is about to be done with this.

–Nick mentions that he’s told the police lies already. I like that. I wonder if I will know what they are, or if I’m going to have to figure it out on my own.

–If there is a plot device where Nick has a multiple personality disorder and has Hulked out on Amy with his Angry Personality, I am going to be pissed.

–If there is a plot device where his sister, Margo, is imaginary, or died in utero, or is his other personality, I will be even more pissed. Her nickname is Go, and the title of the novel is Gone Girl. There had better not be a link. If there is, I will only read foreign, indie, or Soho Press mysteries from now on, so help me God.

–I’m hoping this was all supposed to be a treasure hunt of Amy’s, and she was trying to get his attention with the abduction angle. Or maybe there was a treasure hunt, and he snapped, his Other personality came out, and he coshed her one on the noggin and she really is dead. I’m hoping she’s in her brownstone in NYC thinking, “Take that, you inattentive asshole,” while clinking champagne glasses with her passive aggressive parents. She’s probably dead, though.

–I keep imagining Amy Adams as Amy and that writer boyfriend of Carrie’s in Sex and the City as Nick. You know, that guy who was in Office Space. What is his name? I am too lazy to find the link on IMDB. I’ve got a kid to pick up in a few minutes, and I’ve still got to vacuum. She hates it when I vacuum and sticks her fingers in her ears and screams the whole entire time. I’m sure that’s actually louder than the roar of the vacuum cleaner. The cats run upstairs– why can’t she? Anyway.

In other news, I made the Smitten Kitchen brownies. I accidentally used semisweet instead of unsweetened chocolate, though, so they were quite sweet. Not unpopularly so! They’re all gone. They are Gone Brownies. I’m going to make them again after I pick the kidlet up.

This is from a local magazine. Are women really as mysterious as sea lions? I hope there are handy tear-out cards to keep in my wallet for handy identification purposes.

And in other other news, I am relistening to a Dungen album (CLICK HERE), an old one from 2003 and it is kicking my little ass all up and down. I love it. Why are they so awesome? It’s one of those perfect albums, it truly is. Maybe not for you. Maybe you like roots rock, or country? If so, I don’t know if I can help you.


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