Sourdough and Drunken Snow Cones

I have been reading and baking like a madwoman this summer. I’ve finally managed to get a sourdough starter to NOT die and turn into a toxic sludge, so I’ve been baking lots of bread. I still can’t quite get it as lofty as I would like, so I’ve been baking bread and either eating it instead of buying it, or giving it away to friends. One thing I’ve learned, is that even if your sourdough loaf is as dense as a biscuit– it is still really tasty dipped into salted olive oil.

I’m actually a Frenchman from the 1950’s. Don’t you want my oven, ma petit chou?

Actually, I dip it into this:

Dipping Oil

2 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Why do people bother with the light stuff? It boggles my mind. It’s like eating yogurt for health, but buying yoplait cheesecake flavored yogurt or something.)

1 pinch coarse salt

1 healthy pinch dried oregano

1 pinch red pepper flakes

1 light drizzly splash of either balsamic vinegar, or some sprinkles of red wine

Now, I’m pretty sure this is standard fare, but who knows? Maybe it’s new to you. I’ll never forget the time I went to Macaroni Grill and some little guy with a pristine dishcloth slung over his shoulder proceeded to pour some olive oil onto a plate and tell me it was the Italian version of butter! WTF. I just about died laughing. Number one, I’m a freaking Greek, I know what to do with olive oil, little boy. Number two, Italians cook with butter, numbnuts. Why does this get me so riled? But, so my point is that maybe this is new to someone after all. Ha!

Oh, and I made butter.

It was fun, but you know what? It tastes like regular butter. Maybe next time I’ll put some herbs in, just so there is a point to it? Too bad I’m not into pot! I think I’ll put rosemary in it, or maybe lemon basil.

I’ve been reading a lot– some trashy romance novels! I said it! They are fun, but now my stomach hurts, because that’s what they do, just like too much cotton candy.

I almost bought one of these, actually, but instead I got a snow cone machine. You can’t put vodka in cotton candy, but you CAN put it in snow cones, so I think that was a good call.

So now I’ve got some healthier reading on my nightstand– We, the Drowned, by Carsten Jensen. I can’t decide if the Danish thing is an accident or not. It would seem as though I have a one track mind, but I assure you my mind has many tracks. I need an ABC Rail Guide for my tracks, because there’s no rhyme or reason to them at the moment, and this is how they end up colliding all the time. Sometimes I wonder if that is why I blog– just to straighten things out in my own cluttered mind. Hm.

Anyway, it is a very pretty book and so far I’m enjoying it. I sense some magical realism about to rear its head, and I like that sort of thing (Eco, Garcia Marquez, Rushdie, Hoeg, et al). I will report back once I’ve read more. It’s a huge book, so I’ll be gnawing at it with my little reading teeth for quite a while.

As for music, I am listening to this album and this album like crazycakes.


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