Perfect for Eating Before a Drug Test, If You Happen to be in the Olympics or Applying for a Job

Out of all the muffins in the world, and there are a lot of muffins in the world, my favorites are the poppyseed ones. I’m not really a muffin person, though, so I tried making a cookie that would capture the flavor. I didn’t use poppyseeds! Ha! I forgot I had them. The poppyseeds in my pantry are almost fit for an archaeological dig at this point. In a few years they will be unearthed and declared as being a ritual artifact.

Poppy Free Poppyseed Cookies

1 stick softened butter (I like salted)

1 c. almond meal

1 capful almond extract

1 capful vanilla extract

1 c. white sugar

1/4 tsp aniseed


1 tsp cream of tartar

1 egg


2 c. white flour

(a little bit of water, if your egg is small)


Shape into teaspoon sized balls. I dredged them in sugar before I put them on the pan, but when I do this again, I think I’ll leave them plain and then drizzle a plain white glaze on them after cooling. Lightly smoosh the cookies with the bottom of a glass, or something else that’s flat, then bake for 15 minutes in a 375 oven.

Orgeatlettes? They don’t look like much, but they are very tasty. I have got to figure out presentation. . .

What else have I been doing? Well, I’ve started a new story. I’ve momentarily officially shelved the one I’d been working on, after having unofficially shelved it a month ago. I was too stressed out to write, but the stress is wearing off. Or perhaps I’m just getting used to it! I think that’s the most likely case.

Also, I’ve started a sweater. I’m on Ravelry, and I posted it there, but I’m not really sure what Ravelry’s all about. I’m knitroglycerine on there, if you are so inclined. I’m doing Bookish from Superstar Knitting (the latest in the Stitch n’ Bitch series), and while I am a little unsure of myself since it is my first non-scarfy venture, I apparently have enough hubris to adjust the gauge entirely and use too thick yarn and too big needles! I’m trying to compensate by making the small size instead of the medium. As I knit along though I have the unsettling feeling I should be making an Extra Small. Hm. Oh well, better too big a sweater than too small. As long as it doesn’t turn into an aircraft carrier cozy (currently being used as a bedspread) like the first throw blanket I tried.

I’ve been falling asleep (under my aircraft carrier cozy, actually) before I get a chance to read, so I can’t report anything new there. I’ve got a stack of books to go through, so I’m putting myself on a book moratorium until I’ve gone through them a bit. On the Kindle I’m reading a writing book, The Writer’s Idea Book, which since it was free should be crappy, but I like it. Sometimes I need affirmation, and it’s been a while since I was around a lot of writers (in the MFA). I’m still reading Nesbø’s The Devil’s Star, which I should have finished a long-ass time ago, but like I said, I’ve been falling asleep. Also, given what happens in the book that hasn’t been released in the US yet, I’m wary of investing in his character. Poor Harry Hole. Poor me for being a spoiler magnet! And then at the thrift store yesterday I picked up The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, which I avoided even though I’m curious about Guernsey (and I’m a sucker for WWII), but for 50 cents I will sure give it a shot.

The Babyhead at Oso de Oro. I suspect she’ll be riding that bear when she’s fifteen. It’s a Margaret Hudson, so she has good taste.

Tomorrow I’m going to go see a movie– maybe I’ll review it, too. Who knows? I’m a free woman until June 15th!



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