Honey Lemon Droplets

Well, these turned out well! I only wish I had some teeny tiny white chocolate chips or lemon chips to put in there, but oh well. Do they even make teeny tiny lemon chips? Here’s my take on the iconic lemon coolers.

Honey Lemon Droplets

1 cube softened butter

1 1/3 c. powdered sugar, plus more for dredging after baking

1 T honey

The zest and juice of a large lemon

2 c. white flour

1 tsp baking powder

Cream together the butter and powdered sugar together thoroughly. Add the honey and cream again. Add the zest and lemon juice, then mix thoroughly again. Mix in one cup of the flour and the baking powder, mix, and then incorporate the last cup of flour.

The dough is very tangy, and a little tanginess bakes out. Not a whole lot, though, so if you aren’t fond of lemons, make a different cookie (ha!) or use Meyer lemons.

Shape into teaspoon sized balls, and place on a cookie sheet. Indent the balls with your thumb, because they don’t spread very much. I was totally winging it with this recipe, but it’s pretty much the same recipe as kourambiedes or butter cookies, really. This recipe gave me 30 teaspoon sized cookies.

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

They are totally vegan, if you don't count the butter. Badoom-ching! It's a food joke! I'll be here all night, folks.

Let them cool for a little bit, and while still slightly warm, put them three or four at a time into a freezer bag with about a half cup of powdered sugar. Tumble them gently around so they are covered in powdered sugar, then eat them! Or you could put them on a plate, I suppose, like I have here:

Still tangy! And I don't taste the honey at all!

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