Thing One & Thing Two

I’ve been doing a lot of reading. On my nightstand there is an impressive pile of books, and my Kindle is recharging as I write this. And next to me, waiting impatiently, are two books that I am in love with So Hard. The other one is the Hans Christian Andersen version.

Intelligent annotations, historical connections, and gorgeous pictures. What's not to love?

Lately, I’m interested in creating a Clever Girl protagonist, so I’m readingreadingreading and trying to see which stories would work well with some interference. I think a Clever Girl would be pesky enough to create conflict– not just wander into pre-existing conflict. She could wander in, and then meddle! Kind of like a girlish version of Loki.

For Project Two, I’ve been scribbling out some character interviews. I downloaded them from here and then printed them out. I’m only using the first one, because the Proustian one reminds me too much of those interviews at the end of Vanity Fair magazine, and is too modern. Which is silly, since the questions are Proustian, if I’m remembering correctly, but there you go. I know they’re pretty standard questions, but I’ve never tried to do that before, and I *think* it’s working. We’ll see!

I’m listening to this, and wondering why this guy doesn’t link up to Pandora.

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