So That’s Why Some People Buy Decaf!

This is not a post about books.

A few months ago, I made some lavender cookies, and they were sooooo good! But now I’m out of lavender, and in the mood for cookies, so do you know what I did? I used tealeaves instead!

This is what happens when you EAT tea. You take goofy pictures of yourself on Photo Booth. Kind of like drunk dialing, but without the alcohol or the phone.

Here is my amended recipe:

Morning Glory Tea Cookies

1 stick butter

1/2 c. sugar (or 1/2 c. powdered sugar + 1/4 c. white sugar)

2T ground tea leaves (Earl Grey would be great, but I didn’t have it. Iused Paris, plus added a bit of lemon extract)

2T honey


2 c. flour

1/4 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. baking powder

(teensy splash of milk to make it hold together)


Roll by hand into 3/4 inch balls, put on sheet, and flatten or dent with a teaspoon.

Bake approximately 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

Cool on rack, drizzle with frosting if needed, or maybe dredge in powdered sugar. Or just leave them alone!

One caveat– if you are the sort of person who eats a lot of cookie dough, use decaffeinated tea leaves. I tend to nibble and taste while I mix, so I’m pretty caffeinated right now. Ping! Kaping! Poom! Kapow! Can you tell? They taste good, though. Maybe don’t offer them to kids, or people with heart conditions.

In other news, I get paid soon. I had been planning on getting pregnant, so I haven’t bought clothes in a while. What’s the point, right, if I’m going to need all those maternity clothes? But I don’t think that’s going to happen for quite a while after all, if at all, so I’ve been perusing Anthropologie again. Danger, danger, Will Robinson!

Shoot. I can’t manage to link to the dresses.

They are here somewhere…

But of course if I keep eating these cookies, I won’t be able to fit into either one of them, anyway.


One thought on “So That’s Why Some People Buy Decaf!

  1. My brother-in-law liked them, but ultimately, I threw this batch of cookies out. There was too much tea. The leaves got stuck in my teeth, and I felt like a whirligig. Use lavender!

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