Glittery New Gawain

I got mine at B&N

Okay, so I technically already have this book. But not this translation! See the loophole? Plus, this edition has the original on the lefthand side of the page. I have Chaucer this way, too. I really like having the original side-by-side. Maybe this is because I was a Linguistics major, and I love the historical and societal aspects of language. If you look at the original, you can see how a word has changed meaning, what a word still kind of means. Slantwise words. Also, you can see the choices and perhaps even compromises a translator has made. I like all of that.

I haven’t started reading it yet, sadly. I’ve got stacks and stacks of essays to grade. Well, two stacks. I suppose that is a stack and another stack. Anyway.

I can’t wait to read the new translation, though. At Barnes & Noble, I read my favorite part– the part where the Green Knight picks up his just-severed head and holds in it his own hands, and turns it towards King Arthur. And then it speaks! I lovelovelove that part, and I’m going to lovelovelove it all over again.


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